How is Arena different from other reporting and benchmarking products and services?

Arena is distinct from any other offering in the travel and tourism industry sector:

  • It gives you intelligence on 100+ metrics — not only on meeting sales and room night production, but other important measures related to membership, leisure marketing, website and mobile site traffic and social media.
  • Arena is the only product that lets you create instant reports built on current data using simple, cloud-based tools.
  • Industry averages that Arena provides are more reliable than those from other reports because they’re built on a larger, more diverse pool of destinations.
  • Arena’s data sets and metrics will evolve over time based on market demand, new industry trends and specific requests from participating DMOs.
  • Only Arena gives you saved competitive sets or sets you can define on the fly.
  • Only Arena lets you draw on a continually growing stream of data, so you can pull reports for last month, the past quarter or any monthly period.  You can even choose to review data from the previous year.
  • No other product or service stems from three vetted industry partners formally advised by leaders from progressive DMOs around the world.
  • Only Arena gives your DMO basic comparative metrics for free.

Who developed Arena?

Arena is a joint venture founded by three industry leaders with complementary travel and tourism industry experience – InterVISTAS, GainingEdge and Simpleview.

Additionally, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) signed a definitive partnership agreement with Arena in Nov. 2013 to promote and develop the global benchmarking tool for DMOs and to publish an annual industry trends report.

To learn more about each company involved in the creation and management of Arena, visit our Partners page.

Where does Arena’s data come from?

DMOs volunteer to share information in exchange for access to comparative reporting.

Some of the data that Arena aggregates — such as that for website traffic and social media engagement — is collected automatically using reporting functions built into Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other data fields — such as that for meeting sales, membership and leisure — come directly from clients’ CRM systems.

What type of data can DMOs analyze with Arena?

Arena’s core metrics align with those identified in the Standard DMO Performance Reporting handbook published by Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI). In addition, Arena reports on other important measures, such as social media metrics. Arena provides statistical data for more than 100 metrics in seven categories:

  • Meeting Sales, including bookings, booking ratio, attendees and room nights plus most sales data points indexed per full-time-employee (FTE)
  • Booking Pace, including future room nights leads, booked and lost
  • Membership, such as numbers of active, new and prospective members, membership revenue, referrals, listing views, expenses and more
  • Leisure, including new and total counts for inquiries and contacts, plus mailing addresses, email addresses and inquiries per budget dollar
  • Interactive and Mobile (separate categories), with reporting on total visits, unique visitors, page views per visit, average time on site and bounce rate
  • Social, covering more than 15 measures of engagement for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare

Can anyone use Arena?

Any DMO willing to share its data can use and be a part of Arena. You do not have to be a current or former client of Arena’s consortium members – GainingEdge, InterVISTAS and Simpleview – to participate. DMOs of any budget size can participate, as we are currently in discussions with destinations with budget sizes under $1 million and more than $100 million.

For optimum use, you should use an industry-specific CRM platform that stores the kind of information Arena can share and compare. Several CRM providers, including Simpleview, serve the DMO industry and any of those systems should house the data ARENA needs to pull.

Depending on the data you want to view, participation may be as simple as agreeing to terms of service, manually entering data via secure online forms and/or using the Arena API.

Note that while the API to send data to Arena is free, your CRM partner may charge you to implement it. No API fees will apply as long as we are linking to an industry-specific CRM platform.

How do comparisons work in Arena?

All service tiers allow you to compare the data shared or stored within Arena. We do not expect any organization to enter data they are not tracking and using on a routine basis. Organizations are encouraged to collaborate, share and compare data across all departments.

At the first service tier, which is free for DMOs that register for the service, you can compare your data against the industry average, which is the averaged data for each field from the full sample of participating destinations.

With a paid monthly subscription, you can also compare against averages for competitive sets that you define using filters for budget, geographic location, staff size, whether or not a DMO has paying members, the destination’s total rooms and largest meeting space and presence or absence of a convention center. This also allows you to segment out third party leads for evaluation.

Arena presents data in easy-to-read tables and clear, color-coded comparison charts, which you can modify based on simple menus of checkboxes. We gather information from all customers through simple surveys to provide relevant filters for viewing and analyzing data, such as comparing advertising budgets against total yearly budgets.

If you have defined competitive sets, you will be able to compare your data against the competitive set average and the industry average. You will not be able to compare your data against a specific DMO’s data because each competitive set must include more than five DMOs to be used in Arena.

How will you keep my data anonymous?

We realize that protecting your privacy is critical. For that reason, all sensitive data reported to Arena is collected securely and is only presented in aggregate form. Reports generated by Arena can be exported and shared, but raw data will not be exportable.  You own your data and other participating DMOs cannot access it.

We will audit and review all data we import or integrate, but it is important that you and others monitor the accuracy of this data the same way you monitor your internal systems and platforms.

We protect your identity only allowing customers to filter the list of participating DMOs with sliders that provide data ranges. For example, making a filter for DMOs with an annual budget between $500,000 and $750,000 will display a filtered list of customers, but one cannot see the exact annual budget amount of a DMO at any point. Subsequently, no actual data for the DMO will be displayed without being included in the competitive set average or industry average.

What does Arena cost?

For full information about Arena’s various options and associated costs, visit the Pricing page.

How can I sign up my organization?

Go to our Sign Up page and fill out the online enrollment form to begin the process.

What if I have more questions?

E-mail Rick Vaughan, Managing Director for ARENA, at