We believe the information and business intelligence Arena offers is essential for every destination, regardless of its size, focus or circumstances. For that reason, any DMO can use Arena to compare against industry averages at no cost. For destinations that want more, we have defined upgrades for organizations with different needs and resources.

Standard Dashboards: Free, Unrestricted Access for each set you contribute data to.

Online tools for comparing your data to industry averages for up to seven dashboards of metrics — free access for each set you contribute data to:

  • Meeting Sales
  • Booking Pace
  • Membership
  • Leisure
  • Interactive
  • Mobile (Website)
  • Social

Advanced Dashboards: $199/month per Dashboard; $12,000/year Full Access
for DMAI Members
$209/month per Dashboard for non-DMAI members
Starting at $199 per month for DMAI members or $209 per month for non-DMAI members, you can add the ability to compare against any number of custom competitive sets on one or multiple dashboards.

For example, a customer can subscribe to just Meeting Sales metrics for $199/month or Meeting Sales, Booking Pace and Interactive metrics for $597/month under the DMAI member rates.

You can purchase full access to all seven dashboards at a discounted rate of $12,000 annually.

DMAI Annual State of the Industry Report: Price TBD
As a supplement to the online reporting tools, Arena can also prepare quarterly and annual reports with extended data analysis from our economists and statisticians.

These reports provide information on big-picture trends, such as tourism demand indicators, and examine your DMO against global data sets and trends for shares of meetings and room nights won, domestic vs. international website visitors, measures of productivity, air capacity, visitor spending and more.

Customized Reports: Price TBD
Arena can also generate a customized annual report for specific destination or group of destinations, again exploring a broader set of metrics with global averages but also providing comparisons against competitive sets you define.

Workshops: Price TBD
Arena is more than intelligence and analysis. The companies that developed Arena are also uniquely qualified to provide meaningful insights and services to put the data to work.

Through additional research, consulting, tools and interactive services, we will help you chart a path to gain ground where you are lagging behind and leverage strengths where your organization excels.